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ITSCRED – INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, S.A., traded corporation, with its head office in Rua das Oliveiras, nº 72, 1º, 4050 – 448 Porto, registered in the Conservatory of the Commercial Registry of Porto, under the no. 514829320, with the share capital of 100.000 Euros, intends, by providing and complying with the present Policy Privacy, to correspond to the Regulation guidelines (UE) 2016/679, of the European Parliament and of the Council of the 27TH of April of 2016- General Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data, and also to the assortment of the Portuguese laws which regulate the theme of the protection of personal data.



ITSCred ensures that the data which is processed is:

Object to illicit, loyal and transparent processing in regard to the Holder;
Collected for specific purposes, explicit and legitimate, not being processed later in a incompatible way for those purposes;
Suitable, relevant and limited to the required, relatively to the purposes to which they’re processed for;
Exact and updated when needed, adopting appropriate measures so that the inaccurate data is deleted or rectified without delay, taking into account the purposes which they’re processed for;
Preserved in a way that allows to identify the Holder, only during the required period for the purposes which they’re processed for;
Processed in a manner that guarantees its safety, including protection against its unauthorized or illicit processing and against its loss, destruction or accidental damage, adopting the appropriate technical and organizational measures.



The processing of data by ITSCred is legal when at least one of the following situations is complied:

The Holder has given his expressive consent for the processing of Personal Data for one or more specific purposes;
The processing is necessary for the execution of a contract which the Holder is part of, or for pre-contractual diligences upon the Holder’s request;
The processing is necessary for the compliance of a legal obligation which ITSCred is subjected to;
The processing is necessary for the defence of the Holder’s vital interests or any other natural person;
The processing is necessary for any legal interests sustained by ITSCred or third parties (except if the Holder’s prevailing interests, rights or freedom demand the protection of personal data).

ITSCred undertakes to ensure that the processing of Personal Data is only done in the conditions listed above and with respect to the principals mentioned above.

When the processing of Personal Data is done by ITSCred, based on the Holder’s consent, he has the right to withdraw his consent at any time. The consent withdrawal, nevertheless, doesn’t comprise the lawfulness of the processing done by ITSCred, based on the Holder’s previous consent.



ITSCred collects and processes Personal Data with the following aims:

Identification and application instructions;
Management of the Contractual Relation with the Holder;
Contact management with the Holder;
Invoicing and collection of the Holder;
Use of the Holder’s image in the scope of marketing activities, promotion and Team building, through any support, when the image has been collected in events, parties, activities;
Safety of ITSCred’s facilities.

Personal data collected by ITSCred isn’t shared with third parties without their consent, except in the situations mentioned below. Although, in case the holder contracts ITSCred’s services that are provided by other entities which are responsible for processing personal data (example, nutritional consultation), the data may be consulted or accessed by these entities, as far as it’s necessary to the referred services.

In the applicable legal terms, ITSCred can transmit or communicate Personal Data to other entities in case it’s necessary for the contract execution established between the Holder and ITSCred, or for pre-contractual diligences requested by the holder, if it’s needed for any legal requirement which ITSCred is submitted to or if it’s necessary to pursuit ITSCred’s or third party’s legitimate interests (for example, in case of sale or transmission of part or the all of ITSCred, or of their assets amongst detained entities by or related to ITSCred).

When a transmission of Personal Data to third parties takes place, reasonable effort will be put into this transmission, so that it will be done according to the Privacy Policy.



In the scope of concluding work contracts, service provision contracts in which he intervenes as a Supplier or Client, as well as in supplying of goods contracts where he’s a Client, and in his duty performance in general, ITSCred may require different entities to make personal data available, in other words, information provided that allows ITSCred to identify and/or contact and that can be processed for that purpose. As a rule, Personal Data is requested when submitting applications, or contract handling, of both work, supplying of goods or service provision.

ITSCred can collect data directly from the Holder, through partner entities or third parties.

Personal Data gathered may vary according to the reason which originates its collection. In the same way, the processing will also vary depending on the purpose of its destination, as well as the period pf data preservation, which in any case, won’t exceed the maximum limit of 12 (twelve) years. In each case, ITSCred will inform the purpose of the data that is collected.

ITSCred provides detailed information about the nature of the data collected and its purpose, as well as the processing and the information mentioned in point 7 and the following, when collecting personal data.

The usability and Personal Data information are named in the present Privacy Policy as “Personal Data”.

This way, ITSCred is the Entity which is responsible for processing Personal Data and for the fulfilment of the present Privacy Policy.