BNI Europa | "Puzzle"


This digital platform, presented to Banco BNI Europa’s customers under the “Puzzle” brand, allows the complete credit application process to be made via computer, smartphone or tablet in less than 20 minutes and up to the amount of six thousand Euros.

Launched in July 2017, the "Puzzle" application has been target of permanent developments and improvements, allowing the simulation, the execution of the contracting process and the credit approval in a fully online and automatic manner.

"This process takes place exclusively in a digital environment, presenting a graphic layout that provides a simple and intuitive navigation, ensuring that the bank's customers can interact visually with the institution in a very similar way to the one they interact, for example, with an e-commerce platform", explains João Lima Pinto, CEO of ITSCREDIT.

"We created the Puzzle brand with the aim of targeting a new generation that is very present online. Applying for a credit from a bank is normally complex and paper-based. By digitizing and automating all these processes, we establish a relationship that is much simpler and more immediate, meeting our customers’ expectations", highlights Gonçalo Santos, Director of the Online Credit Area of Banco BNI Europa.

The application developed by ITSCREDIT allows BNI Europa's clients to understand the financial effort required for decision making.  The whole process is digital, from entering the data to signing the contract, which is given with a code received via smartphone. If the operation is approved, the money is credited on the same or the following day.

Flowcredit's potential lies in its compatibility with all banking systems, providing the managing and monitoring of all the phases of the credit lifecycle, that allows financial institutions to make their products available in a simple and innovative way.

ITSCREDIT is a specialist in the development of software, monitoring all phases of credit, from simulation to the availability/contracting of the credit itself. The company has already implemented projects in renowned banking institutions in both Europe and Africa.