Efma Innovation Summit 2019 | Digital Lending Transformation at Crédito Agrícola


The case-study was the central theme of one of the sessions of the event, with Jorge Paulo Baião, Crédito Agrícola's CIO (Chief Information Officer), and João Lima Pinto, CEO of ITSCREDIT, taking to the main stage of the EFMA conference to explain the objectives of the innovations implemented and the advantages they provide, both to the bank and its customers. 

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"The transformation to a 100% digital credit granting process in Crédito Agrícola provided a positive response to the challenge of improving the profitability of the banking business and achieving greater operational efficiency and cost control, while allowing us to carry out a review of the offer and services, adjusting them to the new consumer requirements, particularly with regard to the mobile banking service, 24/7 service, online credit granting procedure", highlighted Jorge Paulo Baião.

ITSCREDIT's CEO, João Lima Pinto, highlighted the advantages of using the online credit platform developed in Portugal, recalling that "this tool has already proved capable of providing a considerable increase in leads, an increase in the volume of loans and efficiency. At the same time, there were decreases in the waiting time for credit approval, a decrease in operating costs and a reduction in the time taken to launch new products".

Launched in 2018 and specialized in the development of software products to accompany all phases of the credit lifecycle - from simulation to the availability/contracting of the credit itself - ITSCREDIT has a strong vocation to operate in foreign markets, having its headquarters in the city of Porto and customers in various geographical regions, with special emphasis on Canada and the European and African continents. In Portugal, it collaborates with banks such as Crédito Agrícola, Banco Montepio and BNI Europa.

EFMA's "Innovation Summit: Innovation for Growth" brings together executives from 70 banking institutions from all over the world, providing an interaction with the innovation ecosystem in the sector, represented by world-renowned bigtechs and fintechs, with the aim of leveraging strategies and knowledge in order to leverage technology for the growth and transformation of ideas into business.