Celero | ITS Calculators implemented in Assiniboine Credit Union


Assiniboine Credit Union (ACU) is the first of many credit unions and financial service organizations in Western Canada to adopt a new digital banking platform for all its members, which includes our unique tool ITS Calculators, that will compete head-to-head with the banks. ACU leads the pack to bring its members a better digital experience, which has already been followed by other organizations like Connect FirstSynergy and Encompass.

ITS Calculators is a full suite of financial calculators, and functions as credit simulator distinguishing itself by having modular, flexible integration architecture. This allows Credit Unions to customize their product lists autonomously, resulting in targeted, relevant product lists that can help clients find what’s most relevant to their specific needs.

Along with enjoying a fresher, bolder, easier to navigate website, Credit Union members will also be able to perform all of their regular daily banking activities and enjoy new and enhanced features such as setting up favourite transactions, managing alerts, changing how their accounts display, perform real-time simulations through any channel and 100% online, and personalizing their profile. This evolution takes digital banking to a whole new level for credit unions.

Through ITS Calculators' back-office catalogue is possible to manage product characteristics and price lists autonomously. Among other features, it’s able to perform custom simulations, store and save those simulations as assets. This modernized digital banking platform improves on the Credit Unions promise to constantly do more for their members and their money.