Collision 2019 | 'Calling card' to Canada


The 5th edition of Collision integrates a set of three technology events organized by the Web Summit, which in addition to the annual event held in Lisbon, also promotes the Rise conference in Hong Kong.

"ITSCREDIT is already working actively from Canada, but it is our goal to strengthen our presence and increase our customer base in North American markets, so we believe that Collision's presence, alongside the global giants of the technology industry, will be an excellent calling card to showcase our solutions and position ourselves as a world-class player in the development of software for credit solutions," said João Lima Pinto, CEO of ITSCREDIT.

Based in Porto and having completed, last April, its first year of activity, ITSCREDIT is a specialist in the development of software for monitoring all phases of credit, from simulation to the availability / contracting of credit itself.

At Collision, ITSCREDIT presented itself to more than 25 thousand people from 120 countries with solutions covering the areas of loan origination (Flowcredit), credit simulators (Calculators), credit recovery (Collections) and corporate credit risk management (Risk Analysis).

In September last year, ITSCREDIT was also present in New York at the American edition of Finovate, the world's most prestigious technology fair specifically aimed at the financial sector, where it presented the Flowcredit product, a solution that incorporates a mobile app capable of simulating a credit request in real time and executing the respective contract.

"Flowcredit is a platform capable of managing and monitoring all the phases of a loan's life cycle and which allows integration with the business models of partner entities. It is a disruptive product, as it creates new interaction models between financial institutions, partners and customers, adapting to all types of credit business, car loans, mortgages, consumer loans, leasing or credit and debit cards", explained João Lima Pinto.

In addition to ITSCREDIT, the Portuguese presence in the 5th edition of Collision had also included Infinite Foundry (Porto), Fractal Mind (Lisbon) and Winwel Electronics (Braga).