Crédito Agrícola | Protocols Integration


This functionality is already rolled out in Banco Crédito Agrícola's digital channels, including, in this case, a credit protocol signed between that banking institution and DECO PROTESTE.

"Crédito Agrícola has negotiated with DECO PROTESTE three protocols that consist of customized product catalogues and include special conditions for clients that are covered, with regard to rates, amounts, terms, mandatory expenses, available bonuses and mandatory guarantees", explains Jorge Paulo Baião, Chief Information Officer and Executive Board Member of CA Serviços.

The same responsible considers that "the introduction of this functionality in the online channels of Crédito Agrícola represents another step towards our adaptation to the digital business and an approach to business models that aim to meet the profiles of a new generation of customers who increasingly prefer to relate to banking in a practical, fast and innovative way, to the detriment of the traditional physical presence and consequent displacement to bank branches".

For João Lima Pinto, CEO of ITSCREDIT, a specialist in the development of software for monitoring all phases of credit, "the fact that we were chosen by Crédito Agrícola to be responsible for providing the functionalities that were based on our Flowcredit credit platform is a source of pride and motivation to continue to develop solutions tailored to the challenges that our customers in the financial sector are presenting to us".

Based in Porto and having completed, last April, its first year of activity, it should be reminded that ITSCREDIT develops software aimed at monitoring all phases of credit, from the simulation to the availability/contracting of the credit itself.

Among the products it offers to players in the financial sector, we highlight solutions covering the areas of credit origination (Flowcredit), credit simulators (Calculators), credit recovery (Collections) and corporate credit risk management (Risk Analysis).

"FlowCredit is a platform capable of managing and monitoring all phases of a loan's life cycle and that allows integration with the business models of partner entities. It is a disruptive product, as it creates new interaction models between financial institutions, partners and customers, adapting to all types of credit business, car loans, mortgages, consumer loans, leasing or credit and debit cards", recalls João Lima Pinto.