LendIt Fintech Europe | Lending Innovation Summit


On March 3 at 12:20 - 13:00 GMT, together with other panellists, our Chairman, João Lima Pinto, talked about How Embedded Finance Will Impact Lending at LendIt Fintech’s European Lending Innovation Summit! You can now see the recording »

Embedded finance has been all the rage in the past year but what does it really mean for lending? There has been a lot of innovation in lending already so is embedded finance the next big thing? When everything is connected via APIs will lending become more accessible for both consumers and SMEs? This session answered these questions and more as we look to the future of lending.

João referred our Pay With Credit software which allows online payments with Instant Credit, using services and widgets to allow online merchants to make use of different payment methods. The credit functionalities are open to partners through application programming interfaces (API’s) that they can integrate within their own systems and interfaces that support their business model. This solution provides modules to enable institutions and partners simple ways to grant instant credit to customers. Know more »