Webinar | Digital Lending - Know Your Customer


Our expert Marco Sousa started to introduce Digital Lending. Consumers and businesses have moved more activities online so they have created an unprecedented amount of data. Online lenders have leveraged this data to make underwriting decisions, creating computer programs that can automate loan originations without the need for a customer to ever set foot in a branch.

The user starts by simulating the amount and term of a new loan and apply for it. In a non-customers' scenario the process moves forward to the Know Your Customer part where Joe Bloemendaal explains how Mitek performs the whole operation process online by doing Identity Document and Biometric Verification.

In the end, you can watch a Live Demo where this whole process is demonstrated and we proceed, simplifying the whole bureaucratic parts, allowing to upload documents online, accept and confirm the conditions with a simple click and authorize the operation for the money to be disbursed by signing the credit contract through an SMS token. 

By making digital and automating all the lending process, our customers can establish a relationship that is much simpler and more immediate, meeting their customers’ expectations. This is for us a win-win scenario!