Finovate Europe 2019 | Self-Service Lending App


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This app, allows bank customers, in real time and via mobile phone, to consult and manage all current credit operations and also the possibility of applying for and obtaining the approval of new credits, in a process that takes place 100% online.

"We simulated on stage the request and the respective approval of a loan for the purchase of a house in the city of London, showing in a few minutes all the simplicity that this technology provides to a process of this nature, from the choice of the house through the app itself, to the simulation of the conditions offered by the bank according to the financial condition of the client, including the approval of the operation and availability of the amount necessary to complete the business," says João Lima Pinto, CEO of ITSCREDIT.

In spite of granting total autonomy to users in the management and obtaining new credits, banks always have the possibility of contacting customers through the app itself, during the process. They provide the necessary support for the implementation of the operations and clarifying any doubts.

"This solution also makes it possible to change the conditions of a loan exclusively through the app, avoiding, once again, the need for the customer to go to the branch office", explains João Lima Pinto.

In fact, it’s possible at anytime and anywhere, for example, to extend the loan’s payment in order to reduce the value of the monthly installments to be paid to the bank, or to pay a part or the entire amount in advance in dept to the bank.

Taking place in London starting tomorrow until Thursday, Finovate Europe is the European edition of an event focused on technology for the financial sector.  It has five editions annually, held in New York, London, Silicon Valley, Hong Kong and Dubai, capturing the essence of the financial industry on a global scale, bringing to light the latest solutions proposed by the most innovative fintech in the world.

Launched in 2018 as a spin-off of ITSector, ITSCREDIT specializes in the development of software to monitor all phases of bank lending.

With its headquarters in Porto, it has a strong vocation to operate in foreign markets, having already implemented projects in renowned banking institutions, in European clients and in Africa.