Sustainable Credit | Crédito Agricola moving towards sustainability


To create real change towards a more sustainable economic model, capital needs to turn green and steered towards sustainable investments. Crédito Agricola knows that and became one of the first banks in Portugal to move in this direction, by making companies realize that their potential to be successful in the medium and long run is very much dependent on how well they are able to manage their sustainability risks.

For Crédito Agrícola Group, Sustainability “means promoting the sustainable development of local communities, through a set of financial products that support Customers with the aim of reducing their negative environmental and social impacts, as well as identifying new business opportunities that are greener, more circular and more respectful of human dignity." Sustainability Report 2020

Crédito Agrícola is encouraging companies to improve on certain sustainability metrics, namely to be able to respond to the ESG growing market requirements, and also to be gradually aligned with the EU Taxonomy, contributing towards the acceleration of the Portuguese green and sustainable economy.

ITSCREDIT did the implementation of those questionnaire models adapted to Crédito Agrícola needs regarding environmental issues, deriving from an environmental sustainability analysis model, which allows them to score their customers in relation with their sustainability alignment.

This module provides the functionality to configure surveys for Corporate Risk (Rating) using ESG but also for various purposes such as Sustainability Scoring but also Social Media Scoring Satisfaction Surveys, and Personal Risk (Scoring) such as Cash loans, Car loans (electric cars) and Mortgage (efficient energy certification, solar panels, etc.).