Flinks | New Partnership in Canada


ITSCREDIT has partnered with data startup Flinks to modernise the loan application process. By integrating our Omnichannel Digital Lending Platform with Flinks, ITSCREDIT will be able turn transactional data into insights, helping financial services businesses make better credit decisions.

ITSCREDIT offers an Omnichannel Digital Lending Platform that allows banks and financial institutions to offer their clients the possibility to apply for a loan in real-time and 100% online - from simulation to loan origination. Know more »

The software starts by simulating the amount and term of a new loan and applying for it. We then simplify the whole bureaucratic operation process, allowing documents to be uploaded, accepted and confirmed with a simple click. At this stage, the process is pending a digital signature of the contract, such as the receipt of an SMS with a code to authorise the operation, after which the money is disbursed.

Trusted by hundreds of world-class companies, Flinks enables businesses to connect users’ bank accounts, enrich their data, and utilize it to deliver better products. An award-winning company, Flinks has become the leader in financial data connectivity in Canada in just three years, and is well on its way to becoming a global leader. Know more »

By working with Flinks, ITSCREDIT is building on its solution by using clients’ aggregated transactional data, after the simulation, to evaluate the risk and according to it approve or not the credit, thus completing the entire credit process with digital signature and money disbursement. 

We want to ensure that banks and financial institutions operate effectively on a daily basis while staying in the game with innovative practices. Together, our platforms allow our clients to be one step ahead in terms of cost, time and effort. The idea is to help hundreds of financial businesses optimize their loan application flow, reduce drop-offs, and convert more applicants.