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We forecast growth in the Buy Now Pay Later segment, so we are bolstering our Pay With Credit software, which enables merchants to offer digital lending as a payment method on their e-commerce platforms, as our Lead Architect Paulo Pinto explains.

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At ITSCREDIT, we develop straightforward, innovative and flexible credit solutions that address market challenges and client needs, so we have made sustainability central to our business mission. We are helping our partners provide a responsible, compliant and environmentally friendly credit solution through its Sustainability module. Customers can access environmental sustainability analysis models, which allows financial services firms to score companies on sustainability key performance indicators, as our CEO Ricardo Campos explains.

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Our Partners module also simplifies the credit application process, helping more customers access credit. ITSCREDIT now also supports businesses affected by Covid-19 through its Protocoled Covid-19 credit lines and has launched the Recovery and Resilience Plan (RRP) module. With this, banks can offer a digital process for their corporate customers to apply for RRP financing.

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