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ITSCREDIT’s Pay With Credit software allows online payments with Instant Credit, using services and widgets to allow online merchants to make use of different payment methods.

The credit functionalities are open to partners through application programming interfaces (API’s) that they can integrate within their own systems and interfaces that support their business model. This solution provides modules to enable institutions and partners simple ways to grant instant credit to customers.

We simplify the entire credit process, allowing documents to be uploaded online, accepted and confirmed with a simple click. The signing of the respective credit contracts is also done digitally then confirmed on with for example the receipt of an SMS with a code to authorise the operation, after which the money is disbursed.

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The current Covid-19 crisis is radically changing consumer behaviour, forcing many to take all their banking needs to the Internet, so investments in technology and processes to redefine business models are needed in today's context. At the same time, as the effects of Covid-19 become more widespread and impactful, many banks and financial institutions are having their employees work from home, which comes with unique performance and management challenges.

Our Digital Credit Platform, in addition to allowing bank customers to complete a credit application process from home within minutes and thus comply with government recommendations, was also already prepared to give banks full control over it. As our four main modules can be quickly, easily and fully integrated with a bank's existing credit flows and its central system for contextualising the customer and importing data, all management can easily be done from home.

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