Finovate Awards 2019 | João Lima Pinto nominated for 'Executive of the Year'


In what will be the first ever edition of the Finovate Awards, the 'Executive of the Year' award aims to highlight the leader who occupies an executive level position in a bank, technology company or Fintech that has stood out worldwide and whose leadership has led to the attainment of great achievements in the financial industry over the past year.

Composed of a panel of 14 specialists for over 10 years at the forefront of financial and banking technology, the Finovate Awards jury took into account the role of João Lima Pinto in leading the team that developed, from Portugal, the online credit platform ITSCREDIT.

This platform is distinguished by four independent modules, which include a support tool to define credit risk (ITS Risk Analysis), a simulation mechanism for various products and currencies (ITS Calculators), a platform capable of managing and monitoring all phases of the loan origination/granting cycle and which allows integration with the business models of partner entities (ITS Flowcredit) and a system capable of centralizing the management of overdue loans (Collections).

According to ITSCREDIT, the use of this online credit platform has already led to an increase in leads of around 31%, an increase in the volume of loans of 21% and in efficiency of around 22%. At the same time, there was a 35% decrease in the waiting time for credit approval, a 19% decrease in operating costs and a 43% reduction in the time taken to launch new products.

With almost 20 years of experience in the financial sector, João Lima Pinto has also actively participated in the design and implementation of innovative omni-channel credit solutions, actively contributing to ITSCREDIT, ensuring its customers' presence in all digital channels, immediate access to fast operations, the timely availability of new products in the market and the ability to work in the Cloud.

Finovate Awards also highlights the ITS Flowcredit product, which has repeatedly been classified as a high-performance tool and highly recommended for organizations that want to focus on the digitalization of their work and improve efficiency and service provision, as well as reducing working hours and the need of documentation for their customers.

Under the leadership of João Lima Pinto, ITSCREDIT targets clients in various geographical regions, with special emphasis on Canada and the European and African continents. In Portugal, ITSCREDIT collaborates with banks such as Crédito Agrícola, Banco Montepio and BNI Europa.

Launched in 2018 and specialized in the development of software products to accompany all phases of the credit life cycle - from simulation to the availability/contracting of the credit itself - ITSCREDIT has a strong vocation to operate in foreign markets, having its headquarters in the city of Porto.