Finovate Awards | Best Digital Mortgage Platform


In what was the first ever edition of the Finovate Awards, the 'Best Digital Mortgage Platform' award aims to highlight a solution for bank or FI that excels in digital or online mortgage by offering quality products and an exceptional digital experience.

The experience starts with the choice of the house, going through the simulation of the conditions offered by the bank according to the financial condition of the client (or potential client), including the approval of the operation and availability of the amount necessary to complete the business.

Our innovative concept is providing a timeline, in which the user can have an instant guideline of his entire loan process, having a unique perspective of the following steps and requirements of a mortgage loan. In each step, the user knows which documents and information the bank will require to complete each step, which allows him to plan his next moves.

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Besides, our CEO, João Lima Pinto, is among the six nominees for the 'Executive of the Year' award. This award aims to highlight the leader who occupies an executive level position in a bank, technology company or Fintech that has stood out worldwide and whose leadership has led to the attainment of great achievements in the financial industry over the past year.

With almost 20 years of experience in the financial sector, João Lima Pinto has also actively participated in the design and implementation of innovative omni-channel credit solutions, actively contributing to ITSCREDIT, ensuring its customers' presence in all digital channels, immediate access to fast operations, the timely availability of new products in the market and the ability to work in the Cloud.