Buy Now Pay Later | Tests of Blik Pay Later have started


BLIK is a favorite payment method in e-commerce in Poland, which wins over competitive solutions primarily with convenience and security. According to the estimates of the Polish Payment Standard, the share of BLIK transactions in e-commerce payments – ranges from 50 to 78 percent. Thus, it is ahead of fast transfers and cards in the ranking of Poles' preferences. Deferred payments, in turn, are one of the fastest growing trends in e-commerce around the world. The growing expectations of consumers in this area mean that more and more online sellers offer them to their customers. BLIK Pay Later service was created to answer these needs.

Implementation is possible thanks to the cooperation of several entities. ITSCREDIT’s scoring features capabilities are part of the scoring engine of BLIK Pay Later service, the settlement of BLIK Pay Later transactions is enabled by Przelewy24 and the store where customers can use such type of payment is The service was the first to be made available to a selected group of customers by Bank Millennium.

"Customers payment preferences have shifted in recent years. They want to have the flexibility of reviewing the product first and only then fully engaging their funds. At BLIK, we are fully aware of these needs and introducing functionality of BNPL is one of our key strategic decisions. We are pleased that ITSCREDIT supports us in this project. Software delivered by this partner is one of advantages that will help us gain satisfying market shares in BNPL’s industry", says Witold Litaszewski, Head of BNPL at BLIK, Polish Payment Standard.

The new service also brings benefits to merchants. By introducing it to the offer of their shop, they gain the certainty of receiving payment immediately from the moment of purchase and quick execution of a given order. The whole BLIK Pay Later payment process thus creates a very positive experience, both when it comes to the buyer and the merchant.

The credit functionalities are open to partners through API’s and widgets that they can integrate within their own systems and interfaces that support their business model so lenders can engage across the entire purchase journey.

Ricardo de Campos, ITSCREDIT’s CEO is “really proud that ITSCREDIT is part of this achievement”. He believes that “This is taking Buy Now Pay Later to a whole new level: more convenient, more secure, more responsible, and more available. Once all banks in Poland will be part of this system it will be the largest BNPL platform in the world.”

BLIK is steadily working on the gradual expansion of the availability of the service. In the next phase of the project, the solution will be made available to a larger group of customers, as well as in further banks and stores.