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It provides our clients a 360-degree view over a credit lifecycle, from application to disbursement. ITSCREDIT has a solution for each credit process step with the respective management tool for close monitoring at any point.

Our omni-channel solutions are applicable to a variety of credits such as consumer loans, leasing, mortgages, credit and debit cards, car loans and business credit. All solutions are fully integrated with the client’s core system for customer contextualization and data import.

This platform offers full flexibility to define and customise products and ensures highly personalised credit solutions through a product-managing tool through different modules that can be implemented individually or combined, according to the client’s needs: Calculators, FlowCredit, Collections and Risk Analysis.

We aim to help our clients increase credit leads and efficiency and reducing operating costs and loan disbursement deadlines. We provide a solution that allows credit in an automatic way, functioning 24/7, safely and quickly. If you want to know more about our integrated, omni-channel, multi-language, multi-business and multi-currency solutions, book a demo with ITSCREDIT.