ITS Risk Analysis & Scoring

A fundamental support tool to analyze the corporate credit risk

ITS Risk Analysis & Scoring is a system for Personal and Corporate risk analysis, a fundamental support tool when it comes to analysing the credit risk and assigning Scoring and Rating to the clients. It also works as an active element for more effective preventive monitoring. 

Simplify the process with data-driven analytic scoring solutions

Our Configurable Evaluation Model uses Quantitative and Qualitative scores to optimize individual and group ratings. It is easily understood and provides automated decision-making capability that can be integrated into a company’s operations as the basis for business acting.


Risk analysis solution for individual customers, which contributes to the decision on the attribution and remuneration of bank credit, and comprises the following types of operations:

Risk Scoring

Risk Scoring Management

Risk assignment process (operative)


Risk analysis solution for business customers (Corporate & SME), for bank credit, and comprises the following types of operations:

Central Balance-Sheet

Credit Rating Management

Risk assignment process (operative)

Configurable Evaluation Model

Quantitative and Qualitative scores, based on:

type of portfolio/costumer segmentation

business group

financial information of the client

history of the bank

specific parameters given by the supervisory authority to determine a rating note (probability of default - PoD)

Rating Lifecycle

Prevent payment default with our system for Corporate Risk Analysis

How does it work?

The system allows to gather information from companies and corporate groups’ bank systems to determine potential loss in case of default.

The system functionalities to turn the data into smarter decisions

Configurable evaluation modules, quantitative and qualitative scores for detention of potential risk.

Central Balance Sheet
  • Individual Balance
  • Consolidated Balance
  • Individual Income Statement
  • Consolidated Income Statement
  • Cash Flow
  • Messages
Individual Rating
  • Rating for individual companies
  • New proposal
  • Change of the client segmentation
  • Change of the model's type
  • Rating expiration
  • Internal/external events
  • Customer rating review errors
Group Rating
  • Rating for group of companies
  • Financial Statements
  • Determination of the group rating model
  • Quantitative component (variables and ratios)
Application Management
  • Ratios/models and PD's parametrization
  • Customer Management
  • Control of the assigned ratings
  • Documental Management
  • Documents
Work Area
  • My tasks
  • Available tasks
  • Management
  • Synchronization with the central company system
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