ITS Collections

Centralizes your credit arrears management 

ITS Collections is a system enabling centralized management of the credit arrears. It includes automatic and manual communications with customers that have overdue credit installments.

Fully Integrated Seamless Collecting System

The System integrates with SMS’s Engine PTP’s management (Broken PTP’s). Check contacts data (Phone, e-Mail and Address). Create user’s work list based on Bank’s Rules. It is fully integrated with core system to have-up-to-date information concerning the credit in arrears and financial position. It also allows import of customer and contacts data (cell phone, etc.) financial position, updated arrears status and values in arrears.

Easily customizable collection process that is automated and manually operated

The Collections process includes letters, phone calls and electronic communications during regular and off-business hours. This coverage ensures maximum effort being applied what results in exceptional improvement to banks’ bottom line.

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Fully customizable collecting system that:

allows a centralized management of credit in arrears,

is fully integrated with core system to have up-to-date information concerning the credit in arrears and customer’s financial position,

provides automatic and manual communications by SMS, letters and phone calls with customers that overdue credit instalments,

for credit restructuring, the solution is integrated with Flowcredit platform to calculate new payment plan and automatically creates new applications.

A credit solution that solves up to 87% of your bank’s inefficiency

How does it work?

ITSCREDIT's all-in-one arrears management processing system offers superior integration to any of the major core systems.

It covers: import of the customer and contacts data, financial position updated arrears status and values in arrears, written-off accounts and optional call center integration. 

All-in-on Arrears Management Processing System

ITS Collections benefits for your success

Our engine provides a highly tailored arrears management and customer contact solution to support numerous and varied loan portfolios of our clients.

It offers:

360º view of customer's arrears

Take account of all customer credit contracts in arrears

Evaluating and generating an action plan

If the first contacts to the customer failed, the process is automatically transferred to the specialized recovery process 

Full integration with related modules

With banks' core systems. With SMS's Engine. With Call Center - Outbound (Optional). With ITS FlowCredit Platform

PTP's management system

PTP - Promise to Pay. The Broken Promises to Pay are the cases when the customer hasn't paid what was promised

Management information system

This module produces data that feeds the two main sources of information - Management Operational Information (Dashboard) & Management Information

Do you need further information about ITSCREDIT platform?

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