ITS Calculators

All-in-one engine for real-time simulations

With a fully customizable engine, ITS Calculators is a unique tool that enables the possibility of having a single calculator for all products and channels within the institution and related partners. From now on, real-time simulations are available for your clients through any channel.

Multi-Product & Multi-Currency Simulations Engine

Through its back-office catalog is possible to manage product characteristics and price lists autonomously. Among other features, it’s able to perform custom simulations, store and save those simulations as assets.

Our product also allows the integration of the calculator on the corporate website or Internet banking where the bank’s customer use it directly. All the calculations created can be viewed in the front-end of the branches.

Tracking your clients' simulations allows you to suggest the best alternative according to your current campaigns!

How does it work?

Mobile APPs | Internet Banking | Contact Center | Branch Front-Office | Partners

ITSCREDIT Calculator operates in several channels, connecting users with the financial institution. 

The characteristics of your products can be differentiated according to the channel adapting your product to your target.

Additional features of the Omnichannel Credit Calculator

ITS Calculators is beneficial for your success

Everything you need is at hand!

Omnichannel Customer Experience

The client can carry out the simulation through a channel of his choice and it will be accessible to the financial institution.

Smart Product Builder

We provide full flexibility in defining products and adapting them to the needs of our customers. Various products with different parameters will optimize your business.

Centralized Calculator

Use the same engine for all your tasks.

Centralized Storage

Get access to all user's simulations.

Leads Generation

Reuse simulation data in order to contact the client.

Do you need further information about ITSCREDIT platform?

We will be pleased to send you further information about our software solutions for the entire credit lifecycle.