that bring together all stages of credit lifecycle

Empower your bank to attain full control over the credit processes with digital-by-default products and accelerate your time-to-market with more flexible and comprehensive solutions. 

Ensure an effective day-to-day operation while staying in the game with innovative practices

Unique, omnichannel and integrated with core systems for data import.

ITS Calculators

Unique multi-product and multi-currency simulations engine that enables the possibility of having a single calculator for all products and channels within the institution and related partners.

ITS Flowcredit

Solution providing a step-by-step accompaniment of the credit contracting process, from the calculation to the approval, contracting and disbursement. It adapts to all types of credit business types.

ITS Risk Analysis & Scoring

A fundamental support tool to analyze the credit risk to corporate clients' segment. It also works as an active element for more effective preventive monitoring. 

ITS Collections

A system that enables a centralized management of credit arrears providing automatic and manual communications through different channels with customers.

Why Us?

Make innovation work for your business

Get the most out of new technologies with the products dedicated solely to credit businesses. Designed by experts with more than 15 years of experience in the industry, they are used by banks of all sizes to create a perfect digital experience in line with clients and employees.

Beat the Competition

We provide latest solutions through reduced time-to-market and a short implementation time.

Experienced Team

Our specialized team has over 15 years of experience.

Credit Product Suite

Have a full control of the process with several integrated products.

Empower Efficiency

Decrease administrative cost and inefficiency.

Permanent Evolution

Our team is constantly trying to improve our solutions.

A Digital Credit Platform that solves up to 87% of your bank's inefficiency

Get ahead of your competition with our latest innovations

Optimize your credit products and take advantage of all our expertise

Augmented Reality

Allow a new sensory experience through new layers of information and interactions.

Social Features

New communication methods through fully integration with social channels.


Message your prospects, answer their commands and clarify their questions with bots.

Instant Credit Approval

Customers or non-customers can now apply to a credit with instant approval.

Biometric Authentication

Validations by fingerprints, facial recognition or electronic DNI card.

Credit Manager

Give the power to your customers to manage their loans comfortable and autonomous.


BLE advertising and real user statistics.

Open API

Access to our software application completely compliant with PSD2.

Payment With Credit

Finish your purchases with a new payment method.

Product Builder

Adapt your products to your customers' needs.

Interested? Want more information?

We will be pleased to send you further information about our software solutions for the entire credit lifecycle.