One Platform

Unbounded possibilities

Across all channels and business lines, ITSCREDIT is equipped with a Credit Platform that is fully automated to complement the stages of a loan origination process

Easy configuration and integration through all channels, all modules and all devices

The Credit platform comprises several modules (ITS Calculators, ITS Flowcredit, ITS Risk Analysis & Scoring and ITS Collections) that can work stand-alone or together. Our Integrated Digital Platform is highly and easily configurable to the specific needs and processes of the bank.

Benefit from advantages of our Platform

Multi Product Coverage

Centralized Credit Products module that allows autonomy in managing products characteristics.

Analytical Reports

Provide a 360° view of all loan procedures.

Real Time Platform Monitoring

Optimizes infrastructure capabilities.

Document Management

Generation of documents from templates and management of documents checklist.

Process Optimization

Based on the TATs analysis.

Cross-Sell and Up-Sell Opportunities

Due to digital nature and Omnichannel nature of the Platform.

Take your credit business to the next level with appropriate tool and advanced strategy 

Selection of an online platform is a key issue, but the importance of choosing a business partner to support and maintain the platform cannot be forgotten. With ITSCREDIT's Integrated Digital Platform we provide both integration and support. This is a win-win for both parties.

Stage 1

Product Development

Developing and improving Credit Products in an Integrated Platform.

Stage 2

Fast & Pro Support

Services department ready to train and help our partners with project implementation.

Stage 3

Long Term Partnerhips

Building a network of partners to sell and implement their projects.

Interested? Want more information?

We will be pleased to send you further information about our software solutions for the entire credit lifecycle.