ITS Flowcredit
Flowcredit is a Credit Origination solution that contemplates every phase of the credit, from the calculation to the approval, contracting and disbursement. It adapts to all type of credit business types, car loans, mortgage, consumer loans, leasing, credit and debit cards, etc.
A credit solution that solves up to 87% of your bank’s inefficiency
Multi Platform
It is a multi-product, omni-channel, multi-workflow,multi-language and multi-currency solution.
All Stages Covered
Workflow completely covers all stages of the application with automatic pre-approval and documents generated automatically.
Fully Integrated
Unique and multi-channel calculator available on the Bank’s WEB SITE, APP’s, Dealers and at the branches, integrated with core systems for data import and disburse.
Manage One or All
Products module that allows autonomy in managing products characteristics.
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